"Uniting the People of God in this area"
Bessemer Baptist Association
Wednesday, April 01, 2020
To Go...To Serve...Together

About Us

Director of Missions
Dr. Barry F. Cosper
In the office Monday - Thursday from 9am - 3pm.
Associational Secretary
Paige Phillips
In the office Tuesday and Thursday from 9am - 1pm.
To Go...To Serve...Together!
It is the purpose of this Association...
  •  to promote fellowship among the churches;
  •  to conduct a definite work of local missions in cooperation with the churches of the Association
  •  to en­courage the churches to support the cooperative work of evangelism, missions, Christian education, and benevolence as fostered by the Alabama Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention;
  • and to engage in any other activities which promotes the Kingdom of God.